DRIVE SOMETHING COOL BUY A VEHICLE BUILD A VEHICLE We SELL, CONSIGN, and BUILD cool vehicles! NFI Empire is an automotive dealership, full service garage, PA state inspection facility, aftermarket parts & accessories shop, and consignment facility.
We specialize in building custom trucks, Jeeps, 4x4's & performance vehicles that stand out from the crowd.
Our motto is "Drive Something Cool"




    NFI Empire we SELL, CONSIGN, AND BUILD cool vehicles!

    NFI Empire is an automotive dealership, full service garage, PA State Inspection facility, aftermarket accessories & parts shop, and Consignment Facility.

    We specialize in building and selling custom Jeeps, 4×4’s, & performance vehicles that stand out in the crowd.

    NFI Empire Services:
    – Automotive Dealership
    – Full Service Garage
    – PA State Inspection Facility
    – Nationwide Shipping
    – Financing (auto loans and build financing)
    – Warranties
    – Automotive Consignment Facility
    – Accessories (such as: lift kits, lowering kits, aftermarket wheels and tires, bumpers, lighting, fender flares & more)

    NFI wants to offer 4X4 & Performance Vehicles to be both admired and used.

    Our team has been significantly improving every aspect of Jeeps, 4WD’s, & performance vehicles over the past 20+ years. Our goal is to take that experience and offer extraordinary vehicles at justifiable prices.

    The NFI goal is to offer a product our customers are proud to drive off the lot and into their lives. We don’t want to just give the initial wow factor, we want you to look at your vehicle everyday and know you made the right choice.


    We’ve enhanced our website so that you can shop our wide selection of pre-owned vehicles from the comfort of your home! Remember, if you need to talk to us, we are only a phone call away. Our sales & finance teams are available to help you with all your automobile needs. Feel free to come by the store any time to meet us in person. We invite you to take a tour of our dealership and enjoy a stress-free car buying experience